The time commitment of show choir

The time commitment of show choir
Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 10:40 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - From the audience of a show choir competition, you typically see around a ten minute show with performers dressed in costumes, singing and dancing — but behind the scenes, these groups are putting in hours preparing for their presentation.

Fourteen Nebraska show choirs from seven different schools started their Saturday morning early for the ‘Tiger Clash Show Choir Competition’ at Hastings High School.

The first performers took the stage at 8:30 a.m., but likely, the group members woke up hours beforehand to make sure everything went smoothly.

Lincoln High School and member of Momentum Ella Medina was at the annual competition. She said, on competition days, there was quite a bit of preparing she had to do herself.

“We got to school around 8 in the morning and we had costume check, making sure we had all of our things,” she said. “A lot of girls already came to school with their hair and makeup already done, that usually takes, at least for me, I woke up around 5:45 and had like, a 15 minute drive to school so, it was about hour, hour and a half to get ready — curl our hair, make up, all that stuff.”

Julia Holt, also a part of Momentum, said they spent time preparing outside of school as well.

“We treat it like a class so, practicing at home is part of our homework and yeah, we just put in a lot of time and energy and we all love doing it,” Holt said.

Both Holt and Medina said their moms were their biggest supporters when it comes to making sure everything is ready for competition days.

Six groups made I through to the finals Saturday night at the Hastings High competition. Ultimately, one group was awarded with the first place trophy.

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