Medical Marijuana petition deadline ending soon

Medical Marijuana
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 7:48 PM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Nebraska’s Medical Marijuana petition has to be turned in by July 7 and Nebraska needs at least 87,000 signatures from verified voters.

Herban Pulse, a CBD shop in Grand Island, is urging people to sign. Jacy and Pam Todd are the owners of the store and they say that they started their shop because one of Jacy’s military friends, told him that he sleeps better with CBD.

Jacy is a Persian Gulf War Veteran and he too has personal experience with cannabis. After his deployment, he suffered from PTSD and after another of other drugs didn’t work prescribed by doctors, he switched.

“I got out, had PTSD, went up to the VA and I did the pharmaceutical meds you know.. four of them and it was to the point where it was just making my mind crazy and I said ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ it was depressing me more you know.. suicidal thoughts.. so I started on the cannabis,” said Jacy.

Jacy also said he doesn’t blame the psychiatrists because they’re only doing their job, but to continuously try new drugs and having them not work, or even make things worse, is very tiresome.

Pam, Jacy’s wife, compared cannabis to other plant medicines like aloe. She stated families should at least have the choice to use it and gave veterans and children with epilepsy as an example.

“And that’s what the petition is for, just to give everybody that voice you know we deserve the right to use it if we feel it’s the choice for our family,” Pam said. “That’s what it’s about it’s about the medical freedoms. For the veterans to be able to use it families with kids with epilepsy and those with chronic pain. It’s an amazing plant just let us use it.”

Jacy went on to say that just because you sign the petition doesn’t mean you’re taking a stance on being for or against it, but he asks for those who are having success with it, to be given a chance to lead a productive life, legally.

As of last week, Nebraska still needs around 50,000 more signatures. If you’d like to add your name to the petition, here’s the website you can find a place to do so.

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