GIPS students continue to learn over summer

Power Camp held Thursday at Starr Elementary to cap off the summer learning program
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Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 8:36 AM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Grand Island Public Schools held its Power Camp at Starr Elementary to cap off its four-week summer learning program with fun activities and games. The program was for kids in grades second through fifth and it provided various avenues for students to expand their learning.

“This camp primarily focuses on STEM. There is engineering, coding, art, music and movement. It just allows the students to be as creative as they can be,” said Hannah Luber, Power Camp Coordinator.

The kids enjoyed card games, dodge ball, learning yo-yo tricks and a water relay. The skill the program focuses on is teamwork. Students are randomly matched up with kids from different schools in their grade and with a teacher they never seen before, then dispersed into a different school for the summer.

“A lot of our classes focus on teaming or partner work, so if they do have questions they can ask each other but a lot of the activities they do are hands-on. If a student is struggling in art there might be somebody in their group who excels, so they can work together and both perform the task,” said Luber.

Luber believes that the ability to work in a team setting is an important life skill for kids to develop early and the camp does everything to make that possible. It is also beneficial for parents, that may need the extra hand or simply want their kid to continue learning.

“I think that it allows the parents to provide an engaging and learning opportunity throughout the summer. Our schedule runs similar to a school schedule. It allows the students to have structure throughout the summer.”

One of the featured subjects was “Zoo.” The class helped kids learn the process and cost of what it takes to maintain a happy and healthy pet of their choice. The best part is, kids are getting all helpful knowledge for free.

“Over the years I have seen the program change in the classes that we teach. The kids take a survey on the classes and we take those student preferences into next year, so there was a class that wasn’t a fan favorite we would find a teacher to write the curriculum for a new class the following year.”

Other featured classes for this years camp is music, where the kids learned to play the ukulele and they also learned how to program a robot to paint pictures.

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