Older Nebraskans get informed about wellness

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Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 10:18 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Older Nebraskans explored their wellness options with vendors ranging from insurance providers to assistant living facilities set up shop to inform older Nebraskans how their services are best suited with Nebraskans need. This years attendees appreciated the growth in specific areas of need in central Nebraska.

“I was surprised how many assistant living and different facilities there are for the elderly in Grand Island,” said Shelia Tandy, senior resident. “I came looking a year ago for a place and I visited several but there are a lot more now than there were. We have a lot of old Nebraskans.”

Senior residents like Tandy were pleased enough by the event that Grand Island is a future location for her whenever she is ready to go look for assistant living. She is also a regular attendee of Old Nebraskans Day.

“I do this every year,” said Tandy. “When I come I come on Older Nebraskans Day, have been for a number of years. I always enjoy coming here. I love the freebies, I love the drawings and I love to learn more about what’s going on.”

The event was also important for vendors. Some were new to the area and this was a prime chance to get to know the public.

“It’s very important for us to come out for Older Nebraskans Day because we want to spread awareness and we’re brand new to the Grand Island area,” said Caleb Donovan, Marketing Coordinator of Right at Home. ”We’re actually celebrating our one year anniversary, we would love to just spread the word out about what we do a little bit more.”

Right at Home is located in Grand Island and has only been in central Nebraska for a year. They provide a variety of services including non-medical and home care. They also provide some staffing at nursing homes.

“We find it a lot more approachable,” Donovan said. “People are scared to make that first step, so if we make that first step for them it makes it a little bit easier for people to start that conversation. Even though, if they know they need to sometimes it’s harder for them to make that first step.”

Donovan mentioned that a larger space could allow vendors next year to provide more interaction with attendees.