Hastings College making changes to homecoming court

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Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 11:25 PM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Homecoming festivities are often deeply rooted in tradition but at Hastings College, they’re hoping to establish a new one.

For the past couple of years, the HC Student Association has been making changes to the rules of the homecoming court in the hopes of making it more open and inclusive.

In 2020, they removed the five males, and five females requirement, and opened it up to whoever had the most votes from the pool of more than 200 students with junior standings.

“We shouldn’t let that gender binary affect that. So it’s really great to see more inclusivity on our campus now, especially towards those that do not fall into those binaries,” said Savannah Frasier, Student Association President.

The homecoming court was then derived of six females and four males, with top two vote-getters being named to the gold court and the next to being named to the silver court. Those terms were used to eliminate the language of king and queen, prince and princess.

The following year, the Student Association tweaked the order of the list that was going out to students, to make sure the same names weren’t always at the top.

Seven females and three males were named to the homecoming court in 2021.

Only now, there was just one person claiming the royalty, instead of the dual court system.

After taking into consideration both years and results, the Student Association decided a nomination-based system was the way to go, allowing students of all backgrounds to be selected.

“I think it sends a message that anybody can like be on loyalty,” stated Frasier. “I believe our first list after all the nominations was about 20-something students and it was very diverse. It was more than just students who are athletes it was.. we had students from band students.. who aren’t involved in anything.”

A total of nine females and one male were selected for the 2022 homecoming court.

Frasier adds that a lot of the students on this year’s homecoming court have big roles on campus: Student Association, Scott Scholars, band members, and multi-sport athletes. She alsos says it’s nice to see so many women being recognized in these roles.

“They’re all in positions of power, are doing a great job representing our school and they’re being showcased for it, especially all of our women in sports,” she said. “Our drum major is on there, which is great, because it showcases all of the stuff that women are a part of.”

She said this year’s court is a good diverse group and hopes that carries on and even improves for future homecoming courts.

“I would like to see that becoming more diverse throughout the years, as this change is being implemented and grounded into this school,” said Frasier. “That’s really good to see for students that might not be, I would say, accepted in some senses. So, I’m glad that we can provide them a space and an opportunity for them to be seen.”

A nomination-based system helps establish who is making an impact at HC, according to Frasier, since their fellow students have to think more about who that person is rather than just recognizing their name.

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