Property tax increase on its way to Adams County

Property taxes should increase around 25%.
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 9:06 PM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - A property tax increase is on its way to Adams County— and residents are not happy about it. Tuesday, the county board of commissioners approved of their budget that seals the deal on the increase.

Dozens of county residents showed up to a public hearing at the Adams County Courthouse Monday night with pink slips in-hand. Listed on the cards is the supposed amount of increase for property taxes.

During the hearing Monday, Adams county property owner Larry Consbruck told Local4 News he spoke up against the latest rise in taxes.

”You look at our families in Adams County, you look at them in Hastings, and with the inflation factor that we’ve had, what did they have to do with their budgets, you know? Some cutting has to be done, but it certainly appears that, ‘This is how much money we want, mister and misses taxpayer, cough it up,’” Consbruck said.

Consbruck added, he didn’t receive any response from the county and city officials present during the hearing.

Local4 News caught up with County Commissioner Chuck Neumann who said he feels for the residents who are enraged by the tax increase.

“I sure understand why they’re upset,” Neumann noted. “I have property and I’m upset too.”

The commissioner also said that many of the pink slips actually have inaccurately estimated tax increase values.

“The cards that were sent out, to my knowledge, some of them were inaccurate as far as what the proposed levy and taxation will be. Again, this is the first year, we’ll get better next year, hopefully the state will get better with their format too.”

Overall, he said property taxes should increase around 25%.

Neumann also said the rise in property taxes is due to a number of things. One, being the construction of a new jail, plus, factoring in inflation, salaries, operating costs and other expenses.

He added, once the jail is complete, the budget to send out inmates to other counties will disappear.

Neumann said the treasurer’s office should send out the assessed value on Dec. 1.