Kenesaw opens child care center

Local4 News at 6 Saturday
Published: Oct. 8, 2022 at 10:34 PM CDT
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KENESAW, Neb. (KSNB) - History was made in Adams County as Kenesaw gets a resource it has needed for the past 20 years. They now have a nonprofit child care facility.

Last year, Kenesaw Child Care Coalition was gifted the building from its previous owners, Kenesaw Methodist Church. The church also donated $110,000 dollars to help jumpstart renovations.

“Kenesaw as long as I’ve lived here, which is over 10 years. It’s been a struggle for every family to find child care options for little ones,” said Angela Keiser, President of Kenesaw Child Care Coalition. “The reason that I got involved is, I was seeing really good teachers leave our school because they didn’t have child care openings for their own children.”

The church wasn’t the only generous giver. Adams County Bank and the Kenesaw Community Development Foundation each donated $100,000 dollars. They also received grants from two foundations based in Omaha, the Sherwood Foundation and Williams and Roth Scott Foundation. Those donations tallied another $600,000 dollars.

The Child Care Coalition was created last year to make this happened. It was prompted as a result of Kenesaw schools losing quality educators due to a lack of child care in the area. They are also one of the few child care centers that take in infants.

“A lot of child care centers choose not to service infants because you lose money in those rooms. Well that’s why we organized as a nonprofit. It wasn’t about the money. This is not a business for us. This is really a service to the community; and our community needed infant care,” said Keiser.

Kieser elaborated how having an infant room was important to the project because most of Kensaw’s child care needs are with kids three and under. The location was also important, as the center is in walking distance from Kenesaw Public Schools and the city park. Their infant room already has a wait list until August 2023.