Blue Hill High School teacher sparks students’ T-shirt venture

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Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 11:04 PM CST
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BLUE HILL, Neb. (KSNB) - Those who attended the Blue Hill-Kenesaw basketball game last night, may have noticed some unique T-shirts. Students at Blue Hill High School started making custom T-shirts as a way to raise money for the National Honor Society.

Last year they made about three thousand shirts, and this year they‘ve doubled that number. Orders are now coming from both the school and throughout the community. It turns out the idea came from a teacher.

“We had an amazing teacher here at Blue Hill, Mrs. Christine Brown,” said Blue Hill High School Senior, Kelsy Kohmetscher. “She came up with this idea after hearing about it from Wayne State College. They had their own shirt press system over there, and they helped us out with picking all of our equipment.”

The first few months were slow until the community caught on to what they were doing, and after that everybody wanted a custom shirt. With the popularity of it all over Blue Hill, they decided to something unique for the start of basketball season. They connected with Kenesaw High School through a mutual friend, and invited them partake in a friendly shirt selling competition.

“Our N-H-S counselor knew their counselor, and through emails we just kind of teamed up with them and they said it’d be a great idea,” said Kohmetscher. “They actually doubled their orders, and ours. They definitely won the “Battle of the Blue” in the shirt form.”

The T-shirt venture doesn’t stop there. A couple of Blue Hill students have the project to the next level, by turning it into a business.

“There’s a sophomore in our school, Ellie Mangers who has taken to the whole next level,” said Kohmetscher. “She’s kind of started her own small business out of this. So she makes a lot of shirts for her own profit. She gets orders from all over the community and even outside the community.”

Kohmestscher also says the students don’t plan to stop making T-shirt anytime soon.

“We’ve already popped off new ideas between each other from different types of material to print on,” said Kohmetscher. “A 3-D printer and a laser printer to put on little key chains and stuff like that.”

Kohmestscher hopes it keeps growing, although their project is already taking up half of their classroom.