Theatre District holds soft opening for movie theater

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Published: May. 19, 2023 at 8:58 AM CDT
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - After months of anticipation and setbacks, a new movie theater is finally open in Hastings.

Golden Ticket Cinema Three officials said it’s good to finally have the theater open, after undergoing extensive renovations for over a year. The theater has all new amenities, ensuring a great experience for moviegoers. The theater is also the only Golden Ticket Cinema to offer a unique feature that will be perfect for couples going on a movie date.

“The privacy pods are one of those things where it’s a little more of a private experience,” said John Bloemeke, President of Golden Ticket Cinemas. “Where two seats are somewhat enclosed inside the auditorium. So again, it’s a private experience and it also offers full service food/dining option.”

Bloemeke said to get full service in the privacy pods, you can scan the QR code on your seat. But that’s not the only relaxing feature the theater has to offer.

“We also have what we call snuggle lounger couches in the front row,” said Bloemeke. “Usually people don’t like to sit in the front row. So we figured let’s put something different in there, and these are just basically like love seat couches for people to enjoy something different.”

Bloemeke said hopefully with Hastings having three theaters, it’ll bring a lot of people back to watching movies in theaters, instead of at home. Adding, the opening of the theater now gives Hastings two new theaters in town.

“In the last year both theaters in Hastings have fully remodeled their theater,” said Bloemeke. “So it’s giving people a better movie going experience in town and it also hopefully will bring a lot of people back to the movies that hadn’t been in a while and they’ll have a great time and they’ll keep coming back.”

One moviegoer is thankful to have theater options after seeing one of the Tri-Cities lose theirs.

“Well compared to like Grand Island who’s their movie theater is closed,” said Rebecca Johnson, moviegoer. “I mean it gives us more options and brings in more people to the community and so I don’t know it’s just a nice, nice opportunity and for us to have this here.”

Johnson said an additional theater can lead to more people coming to Hastings to watch movies. Adding, it’ll also helps the city of Hastings grow. Theater officials said there’s one element that will draw people to the theater.

“It’s fun,” said Bloemeke. “You know people will come here to have a good time and it’s going to be an environment that’s you know a luxury experience you know and all of that. But you know, you’re going to see it with the best picture, the best sound, the best comfort all the food offering you can imagine.”