Spencer vs. the Pros - Hole #3 - Kearney Country Club, Hole #14

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Published: May. 19, 2023 at 7:31 PM CDT
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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - I never thought I’d say this at least this early in the series, but I entered the third hole of my summer-long series with a one-shot lead.

For the 3rd hole of the series, I made a quick return trip to Kearney to take aim at the Par 5, 14th Hole of the Kearney Country Club.


”It’s time for another edition of Spencer vs. the Pros, and we’re back at Kearney Country Club this week getting ready to play the Par 5, 14th Hole,” I said. “I’m joined right now by the general manager of the course, Jami Swift. Jami, one tip before we try to battle these winds here in the spring.”

”Try to keep it left,” Jami said. “There are houses on the right, so if you can keep it left, that would make my life a whole lot easier.”

”And this wind is blowing what direction?” I jokingly questioned.

”Straight in our face,” Jami laughed.

”Straight in our face and to the right toward the houses, so...nearby residents watch out!” I warned “Let’s take a look.”

I teed off first and was fortunate to find short grass down the right side of the fairway. Not surprisingly, Jami followed suit, but her tee shot was a little more center cut. My second-shot had the same look of my tee shot, but again found the fairway along the right side.

Jami’s second shot also looked just like her tee shot, which means she had herself sitting pretty with an approach shot from just 160 yards out. She took advantage of it as well, as she landed the shot on the green, but it was a bit deeper than she would have liked, leaving her a tough downhill birdie putt.

My third shot left a lot to be desired, as I caught it a bit fat and didn’t even make the green. After missing the green in regulation, I was left in scramble mode with hopes of saving a par after my birdie last week at Indianhead!

Fortunately, my fourth shot cozied up just close enough for me to be able to save the par. As for Jami’s birdie putt coming down the hill, she came up just inches away with it leading to a tap-in par.


”My dad always raised me to never complain about a par, and that’s exactly what you and I both got on this hole,” I said. “You almost made that long putt for birdie, but nonetheless, how do you think we played the hole?”

”I think we played it really well,” Swift said. “Especially because the wind has really picked up since we started playing. Ideally, you’d love to birdie a par 5, but with this wind direction and this hole, it’s probably not going to happen too often.”

”I think it’s safe to say I aimed father left than anybody should have to when they play the sport of golf,” I joked. “That does it for another edition of Spencer vs. the Pros.”


For a preview of the Par 5, 14th of the Kearney Country Club from GM Jami Swift - watch here!

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