Spencer vs. the Pros - Hole #4 - Awarii Dunes, Hole #18

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Published: May. 26, 2023 at 9:35 PM CDT
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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Don’t sound the upset siren just yet, but I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my summer-long golf series.

Through three holes, I entered the fourth hole of the series already a shot up on the pros, but it’s likely just a matter of time before I cough up the lead! This week, I played one of the longest holes in Nebraska - the 604-yard, Par 5 18th of Awarii Dunes Golf Club.


”It’s time for the latest edition of Spencer vs. the Pros, and we’re at Awarii Dunes south of Kearney this week,” I said. “I’m joined right now by the GM of the course, Jeff Perdew, and Jeff, we’re on the signature hole of this course, the Par-5, 18th - 604 yards staring straight in front of us. One tip before we swing away.”

“I like to remind players to sweep the grass and hold their finish when they’re done,” Perdew said. “It keeps them in tempo. That’s kind of the key to playing this hole. Just stay patient and you’ll get there, and you’ll have a good score when you’re done. A lot of times we look at that 604 yards and we get excited and try to hit the ball farther than we’re capable of, and then we make a bad golf swing. Make your golf swing.”

“All right, well - you haven’t seen my golf swing yet,” I joked. “Let’s take a look!

As the general manager of the course, Jeff had honors, and he sent his tee shot a bit to the right side, but thanks to the large fairways of Awarii Dunes - he was just fine. I followed suit, also pushing my tee shot right just a bit, but just like Jeff the wide fairways kept me in the short grass.

For my second shot, I pulled out a fairway wood and couldn’t have hit it much better than I did. I put myself just 100-150 yards out, setting up a great look at the green. Jeff also kept pace, sending a hybrid even closer to the green for his second shot - leaving us with a battle of approach shots.

I was first up, and I did find the green, but I left myself a lengthy birdie putt coming up the hill. Jeff also found the green, but had a more realistic chance at birdie. His putt, though, would still be a tester.

Once on the green, I got the first crack at a birdie, and I lagged the putt fairly well, but I wasn’t able to get it to drop for my second birdie of the summer. Jeff then had a chance to get one back for the pros, but his putt was just off the mark, leading to a tap-in par.

”Well, 604 yards in, 604 yards down and we both end up with par,” I said. “How do you think we played the hole?”

”Hey, I think we played it quite well,” Perdew said. “Par on this hole from the back tee is a great score. Take it, walk away, go get a drink. Sounds good to me.”

”So what are we drinkin’?” I reasonably asked.

”Oh!” Perdew exclaimed. “Good question, what time is it?”

”It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” I obviously stated.

”It is,” Perdew responded. “I agree with ya.”

”All right, if my boss is watching right now, it is Sunday, so I can have a drink,” I joked. “That does it for the latest edition of Spencer vs. the Pros.”


If you would like to watch a preview of the Par 5, 18th Hole of Awarii Dunes from GM Jeff Perdew, watch the video below!

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