Going beyond the field at the 65th Nebraska Shrine Bowl

The football players and coaches at the Shrine Bowl Beyond the Field event are no strangers to adversity on and off the field.
Published: May. 29, 2023 at 8:53 PM CDT
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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - The football players and coaches at the Shrine Bowl Beyond the Field event are no strangers to adversity on and off the field, but they got to hear from some kids facing a different kind of adversity on Monday morning.

Those kids were patients of Shriner Hospitals who face unique challenges everyday. One 14-year-old girl named Poppy Dole only has one arm, but she’s never let that hold her back, as she plays soccer, and the trumpet. She said the Shriners have helped her see her full potential.

“It shows that I can do more than what other people think I can and it gives me a different perspective on how I can work to overcome any challenges that come by way,” Dole said.

Poppy even challenged several players to a one-handed shoe tying race, which she won. It was through that game and others that players like Aurora’s Carlos Collazo got a gained a new perspective on the week leading up to the Shrine Bowl.

“It’s not a game any more, it’s so much more than a game. I like how this event was called beyond the field, because it is beyond the field,” Collazo said. “You know what you are playing for you’re playing for Shriners, you’re raising money for Shriners.”

For Kearney High Quarterback Jack Dahlgren, he said it helps him to be grateful in the position where he finds himself.

“I think just hearing all the stories about the kids, not everyone is just as fortunate as all of us athletes out there so it’s nice to see what other people’s lives are like and what they have to deal with,” Dahlgren said.

Kearney High Coach Brandon Cool told Local4 News its rewarding for the players to understand the significance of this game holds with children and families throughout the state.

“At the end of the day, it’s the experience that we get to hear from these young children that have been through the process, and it’s really an eye opener for our players,” Cool said.

There will also be a parade through downtown Kearney on Saturday morning starting around 11, and it will feature the iconic small red Shriner cars. All proceeds from ticket sales for Saturday’s game will go to Shriners Children Hospitals. Ticket can be bought online here.