Louisiana company brings soft pressure washing to Nebraska

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Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 8:55 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - A Louisiana company found itself in Nebraska with a mission.

They traveled north to showcase their unique service to Nebraska. Deep South Pressure took time Tuesday to educate people about a new way of cleaning large structures.

The business is based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and they specialize in cleaning homes and large structures. They have traveled across the country exposing people to soft water pressure washing. Best part is, they use a drone.

They have a partnership with Mav Werkz, who supplies the drone and drone pilot. Deep South Pressure owner Brayden Burkett said he got into the business because he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Pricing is dictated by how many structures they have to clean, the height of the structure, and how far they have to travel. He said there’s one key factor making drone pressure washing one of the fastest growing industries in America.

“Safety is the biggest factor,” said Burkett. “Not having people on lifts and ladders, having everybody on the ground doing everything, it’s the biggest safety factor right? Having a drone up in the air does all the work for you faster, more efficient, all that.”

Burkett said the drone can fly up to 140 feet high, and he got the idea of a pressure washing company from seeing people in Louisiana using a pressure washer quite often. That’s when he got his own pressure washer from Home Depot.

Afterwards he researched about soft pressure washing, which eventually led to the idea of drone pressure washing. They don’t use more than 2,000 pounds of pressure which still puts out 10 gallons per minute, and he said safety isn’t the only benefit.

“Biggest benefit is soft washing,” said Burkett. “There’s no damage. You’re not going to take any paint off, not going to mess with the structure, none of that. So that’s biggest, another big factor is we can be a little cheaper due to the fact of not having a lift out there, so having the drone out we don’t have to pay for a lift so we can come in a little cheaper on that as well.”

Burkett said their service is a need because it helps keep the properties looking nice and in good condition. The method avoids damaging the structure and removing paint.

“The biggest need is really keeping the property looking nice, keeping that paint and everything like that in good condition,” he said. “When that algae and stuff grows on that paint, it eats away and just degrades the material, so being able to wash it constantly and keep it up number one, it keeps the value up.”

Burkett said soft pressure washing gives a better look than normal pressure washing, and one official expects to see more soft washing in the near future.

“Exponentially because the ability to save money and reduce liability and risk to human life, I see as a reason that everybody should want to know more about what we can do for them with the drones,” said Kody Miller, the owner of Mav Werkz.

Miller said his interest in drone technology started with his career in non-destructive testing. It opened his eyes to what drones can do on a commercial level.