Local manufacturer competes in ‘Coolest Thing Made in Nebraska’

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Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 11:35 PM CDT
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MINDEN, Neb. (KSNB) - The Nebraska Chamber has kicked off its second-annual ‘Coolest Thing Made in Nebraska’ contest, where manufacturing companies across Nebraska compete in a bracket-style tournament to determine who’s the top company in the state.

Chamber Chief Operating Officer Mike Johnson said this was created to bring awareness to the manufacturing industry in the state. He said manufacturing is the largest GDP producer in the state; and he wanted to highlight the field with a friendly competition.

Royal Engineered Composites is one several local manufactures in this year’s contest. They make parts for aircrafts that travel across the world. It’s made of composite materials such as carbon fiber.

They were selected this year for their work on the CH 53K Kings Stallion military helicopter. Officials said being selected for the contest brings great pride to the workplace.

“This is awesome for our employees,” said Brett Miller, the marketing manager at Royal Engineered Composites. “We’ve been finalist back-to-back years, so our employees take great pride in knowing that they make some of the coolest things made in Nebraska.”

Miller said their work can be found throughout the country.

“The parts that we make here go all over, so they’re not just in Central Nebraska,” said Miller. “They go to a lot of the major aerospace companies - Sikorsky, Bowen, Northrop Grumman, even Spirit Aerospace systems down in Wichita, Kansas. They go all over.”

Miller also explained the importance of what they do.

“The parts that we make are really important because we want to make sure that when an aircraft takes off it lands safely,” he said. “We take great pride in making sure every single one of our parts is in perfect working order every time.”

Miller said Royal Engineered Composites takes great pride in knowing families can fly safely, and pride is what the contest is all about.

“Some of the feedback I got from last year, from the first time we did this contest was employees who are working at these facilities are really proud and they’re really happy to share their pride for the thing that it is that make around the country and around Nebraska,” said Mike Johnson, the COO at the Nebraska Chamber.

Johnson said another way the contest brings awareness to Nebraska manufacturers is because anyone with an valid email can vote.