Epic Option collects signatures for consumption tax proposal

Epic Option collected signatures at Husker Harvest Days in an effort to put the consumption tax proposal on next year's ballot
Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 9:46 PM CDT
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WOOD RIVER, Neb. (KSNB) - The organization ‘Epic Option’ collected signatures for a consumption tax proposal during Husker Harvest Days. Their goal is to eliminate property, income, sales, and inheritance taxes but grocery tax would be exempt.

Senator Steve Erdman said it’s an opportunity to put the taxpayer first, as the consumption tax allows residents to have more control over the amount of taxes they pay. Petitioners are hoping to get the item on next year’s ballot.

“Under the consumption tax, you go shopping, you buy what you have money to buy and pay for, and then the state takes that money and uses that to fund all of the things that they currently fund,” said Erdman. “Our current system allows for us to have an opportunity to take money from people that can’t afford to pay it.”

Senator Steve Halloran said this would help make Nebraska a state businesses want to come to.

”Every business that comes to a state looks at several things and one of those things, one of those key things is the tax code of the state,” said Halloran. “When you have a consumption tax you take away all those other taxes. They look at that and they say ‘Wow’ why would I go to any other state when this state only has a flat 7.5 percent consumption tax.”

Halloran said this also wouldn’t affect local government budget.

“The local units of government via the county school boards, natural resource districts, they will all have local control of their budget,” said Halloran. “They’ll design their own budget. They’ll be capped at a two percent growth year over year on their budget.”

Senator Steve Erdman said they have 153 volunteers across the state getting people to sign the petition.