NDOT works with city of Hastings to make adjustments to Burlington Avenue

Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 7:40 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The city of Hastings is working with the Nebraska Department of Transportation on adding a few modifications among intersections on Burlington Avenue by adding protected left turns. This comes after noticing the amount of drivers going through a yellow light and in some cases red.

The project is set to start Nov. 20 and city officials are hoping the final touches will happen before the end of 2023. Lead Engineer Steve Riehle said it will benefit traffic flow throughout town.

“Those protected left turn arrows will allow vehicles on the highway to have a protected left turn movement when they want to turn left It will make the intersection safer and will reduce driver frustration which is also safer so they don’t take chances,” Riehle said.

However there is one type of driver will benefit the most from these changes.

“Motorists are going to see reduced travel time and a safer movement through the intersection because they will have a protected green arrow for their movement so they don’t have to sneak through on a yellow or maybe sometimes even a red will see vehicles do that,” Riehle said. “They won’t have to do that, they will have a protected green arrow.”

Three intersections will also being adding radar detection replacing the current magnetic sensors.

“A number of intersections have magnetic loops for vehicle detection. When a vehicle pulls into that loop then it trips the signal and gives them a green or a green arrow,” Riehle said. “It is going to give them radar detection it is the newest technology of a vehicle approaching an intersection. The radar detection will notice a vehicle approaching the intersection and will give it a turn at the traffic signal.”

The intersections with Burlington Avenue involved are:

* Seventh Street in the North/South direction (Receiving radar detection)

* 12th Street in the North/South direction (Receiving radar detection)

* 14th Street in the North/South direction

* 16th Street in the North/South direction (Receiving radar detection)

* North Shore Dr. in the North/South direction

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