Joe Nugent

Sports Director
Joe Nugent

Thanks for clicking on my bio. Enjoying life on the east coast (of Nebraska), especially sports. The CWS is such a great event and it’s nice to see all the people who come to Omaha cheering hard for their teams, plus those who come regardless, even if their school doesn’t make it.

Creighton men’s basketball is a lot of fun to cover. Greg McDermott proves time and time again how good he is leading a college basketball program. Plus, the support from this town is rare, not the norm across college basketball.

Nebraska football, despite the performance on the field as of late, is still a treat to experience. The atmosphere at Memorial Stadium for the Northwestern and Michigan games in 2021 was great. Would love to see them turn it around.

A little bit about myself, I’m from Ohio, lived most of my life there and went to college at Bowling Green. I am a sports junkie, this tweet documenting a 24-hour period explains it all.

Some might think it’s a bit much, I love it!

I’ve become a big fan of the bike trails/pools/gyms in Omaha, the barbeque and all the different themes to the city’s restaurants. A unique collection, something for everyone, or five things for everyone.

What makes me a little different? I’m a five-star Uber rider, hooray! I like seeing where the airplanes flying over are headed, I like seeing military planes come in and out of Offutt (really looking forward to the runway completion) and my top speed on skis is 62 mph.

Thanks again for your curiosity, and if you happen to know any stories you think 6 Sports should tell, please send me an email!