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Dr. Basler & his team at Complete Family Dermatology are leaders in melanoma screening and detection.

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Dr. Basler & his team at Complete Family Dermatology are leaders in melanoma screening and detection. They offer a variety of preventative and therapeutic options designed to maximize your skin's health through regular examinations and treatments.

Q: Why is it so important to maintain healthy skin?
A: The health of your skin is vital to your overall well-being. Just like you need regular checkups for your general health and teeth, your skin should undergo regular checkups by a trusted health care professional. Dr. Geoff Basler and his team at CFD specialize not only in treating any skin conditions you are currently experiencing, but also in helping you maintain the health of your skin and detect potential problems early – before they become serious.

Q: What's the difference between skilled nursing and assisted living?
A: Assisted living facilities are for people needing assistance with certain aspects of daily living, but wish to live as independently as possible. Skilled nursing facilities provide 24-hour care.

Q: What general dermatology services does Complete Family Dermatology offer to maintain total body healthy skin?
A: At Complete Family Dermatology, we take every measure to provide you with thorough, compassionate care. When you arrive for your total body skin examination, our dermatologist will discuss any history of melanoma or other kinds of skin cancer in your family, as well as any existing skin conditions that are causing you concern such as acne, aging skin conditions, growth removals, and skin cancer conditions, and skin reconstruction.

Q: How Often Should I Visit a Dermatologist?
A: There really is no universal rule about how often anyone should visit the dermatologist for a full body examination. Once you have completed your initial visit to Complete Family Dermatology, Dr. Basler or Brent Behrens, PA-C can recommend how often you should return, based on your current conditions, your health history, and your family’s health history.

Q: What is Melanoma?
A:Melanoma is the least common, yet most deadly form of skin cancer. Due to increased sun exposure and the use of tanning beds, the number of patients developing Melanoma has been growing dramatically. Significant risk factors include an above average number of moles, the tendency to grow dysplastic or unusual looking moles, and a history of sunburns. Patients with any of these risk factors are encouraged to undergo regular skin examinations.

Q: What is and when is skin reconstruction necessary?
A:Following skin cancer treatment, growth removal, or the removal of moles, reconstruction may be necessary to close the wound in a way that will leave minimal scarring. Sometimes these procedures must take place in areas such as the nose or eyelids. Dr. Geoff Basler has specialized training in reconstructive surgery.