Partnership For a Healthy Lincoln

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of Lincoln and Lancaster County residents
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4600 Valley Rd Ste 250 LINCOLN, NE 68510

What We Do:

We work to improve wellness policies, conduct community level research and evaluate the success of local health initiatives. We collaborate with local organizations on joint projects to increase fitness, decrease obesity and improve health.

How We Do It, Partnering for Reach and Impact:

We collaborate with more than 20 local organizations on community projects to increase the reach and effectiveness of our mutual goals, to help those in our community live longer, healthier lives

How We Started - A Journey Towards Better Health

Five years ago, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln was formed with the assistance of the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln. Our goal was to bring local organizations together to collaborate on projects that would improve the health of Lincoln residents.

The initial work focused on reversing the child obesity epidemic in Lincoln, Nebraska. Collaborating with a group of leaders from Lincoln Public Schools we started with a plan to measure the problem and reverse the trend significantly by the year 2015. Joining together a diverse coalition of community organizations, a broad-based effort was launched.

Fast forward five years to 2015 and our now twenty-plus partner organizations have achieved the national Healthy People 2020 goals for reducing child obesity six years ahead of schedule.

Why is it so important to our community to increase fitness and reduce obesity rates?

Research shows substantial health benefits from increasing fitness and decreasing childhood obesity. These benefits also go beyond health, including improvements in a student’s academic performance, ultimately impacting the wellness of our whole community.

Improvements in health also have substantial economic benefits for Lincoln and Lincoln’s employers. The estimated direct medical costs of the obesity epidemic for Lincoln are close to $100 million per year. If indirect medical costs and lost productivity are included, the economic impact is between $200 and $250 million per year for our city. The improvements being made in Lincoln Public Schools on improved fitness and decreased obesity will generate benefits to the community for years to come.

To drive health change, it takes a coalition of organizations and a broad focus. You can read about our most recent efforts in our annual Community Update, available at T his community update is a showcase of the local organizations that work together to make this effort a success. These organizations embody why Lincoln is such a great place to live and raise a family.