Nebraska invention saves time and money for farmers

Published: May. 17, 2017 at 11:42 AM CDT
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A new farm device invented in Nebraska is saving farmers both time and money.

The GrainGoat is a hand-held and cordless combine made to collect, clean and calculate moisture in grain.

It’s the brainchild of Martin Bremmer who lives in Venango, Nebraska.

“It was born out of necessity and frustration,” said Bremmer. “All farmers know what it’s like to harvest. Trying to find the right field to harvest because of the moisture content of the grain is really critical.”

The GrainGoat allows farmers to collect small samples of grain without hauling large combines from field to field.

“It’s so hard and arduous to sample those fields with a big combine so I decided we need a little machine we can carry to do that same thing.”

The device works like a power tool. It’s as easy as pulling a trigger, walking through a field to harvest the grain and pushing a button to sample the moisture.

The name came from the diversity of crops that the device harvests. It’s made for small grains like barley, oats, milo and more.

“Goats eat just about everything—the GrainGoat tests just about all grains.”

Bremmer says inventing the device was a long process, but he’s happy with the finished product.

“When you invent a machine that has moving parts, there’s a lot of engineering to work out,” said Bremmer. “Over four years, we have evolved our prototype to a very efficient clean machine.”

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