Passersby mistake bird doused in curry for exotic species

An exotic-looking bright orange bird was rescued after people saw him on the side of a highway, but according to an animal hospital, it was a seagull somehow covered in curry or turmeric, which prevented him from flying properly. / Source: CNN

(Gray News/CNN) - Passersby in England thought they found an exotic species of orange bird on the side of the highway, but it turns out, it was just an ordinary seagull covered in curry spices.

The curry prevented the bird from being able to fly because the spice covered its feathers so entirely.

Staff at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital gave the seagull a good scrub and got soaked in curry water during the process.

They expect to release the bird back into the wild soon, and apart from the "pungent smell," the staff says the bird is doing ok.

They have no idea how the bird could get covered in curry or turmeric, but he earned the nickname "Vinny" for vindaloo curry.

This isn't the first English bird to find himself dyed from curry spices. In 2016, another seagull fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala, according to CNN.

While staff at a different animal hospital were able to clean that bird of the bright orange spices, the smell was harder to get out.

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