Alcohol inspections conducted in Polk, York Counties

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. - During the evening hours of Friday, November 1, Investigators with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) conducted alcohol inspections in Polk and York counties. In total, 42 businesses were inspected. One of those businesses sold alcohol to a minor for a non-compliance rate of 2 percent.

All 12 businesses inspected in Polk County checked ID and refused to sell alcohol to a minor. All 30 businesses inspected in York County checked ID, with one selling alcohol to a minor.

The business that sold alcohol to a minor was:

Chances R Restaurant – York (Checked ID, Sold to minor)

This operation was possible thanks to a grant from Region V Systems. NSP and other law enforcement agencies conduct these inspections in the effort to keep alcohol out of the hand of minors.

Businesses that sell alcohol to a minor are referred to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. Clerks who sell alcohol to a minor are cited for procuring alcohol for a minor.

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