All on-duty Nebraska National Guard members to be tested for COVID-19

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 3:26 PM CDT
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All Nebraska National Guard members who are actively on duty are going to be tested for COVID-19, a spokesperson said Monday.

The decision to test all on-duty members comes after the Nebraska National Guard was called to assist with large protests in Omaha and Lincoln over the last week.

"We are testing all personnel still on duty. Those who went home last week we cannot require to be tested, but we encourage them to get a free test through," Major Scott Ingalsbe said. "All first responders or military members who indicate that as their occupation on the questionnaire will automatically qualify and be scheduled for a test."

Ingalsbe also said two members showed symptoms of COVID-19 on Saturday, were tested, and received positive results.

Previously, the National Guard in Nebraska had 11 members test positive, but six of those cases have since been classified as recovered.

"We encourage everyone to continue social distancing, mask wearing and other health guidelines even if they test negative. A negative test result is only one point in time and shouldn’t give a false sense of security," Ingalsbe said.

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