Alzheimer's Association going virtual for Challenge Week

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KSNB - With a goal of getting team captains registered and keeping the community active the Nebraska Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association is hosting its first-ever virtual Challenge Week this week.

Challenge Week is aimed at raising awareness for Alzheimer's and encouraging team registration for future walks and events.

"First off we always encourage people to register a team. People can walk individually, absolutely, but we always encourage people to register a team because we don't want them to feel like they're walking this journey alone," Cassie Larreau-Bailey, the Walk Manager of the Nebraska Chapter, said.

The events began on Monday encouraging people to log into their participant center and send a recruitment email. Tuesday is May Ray Day and encourages participants to get outside in their purple attire and post a photo to social media with #LaceUp2EndALZ.

Wednesday wants people to share their story for why they walk. People can do so on their participant page or the Facebook page of their local chapter. Thursday is a day geared toward fundraising and ties into National Memo Day, encouraging people to share why they support the walks.

The week concludes on Friday with a virtual happy hour, giving everyone an opportunity to meet teams from across Nebraska. Each challenge and day brings new points, the top-10 earners in points will win official walk "swag".

The week was created to keep the Association's mission in people's minds and remind them that, even if they may be struggling with not being able to see loved ones or properly care for individuals with Alzheimer's, that there is hope and positivity down the road.

"If one person shares their story on social media and they get a message that says 'Hey I had no idea that was happening, I'm also going through this, what has worked for you, how can we support each other how can we help each other?' That's a huge win for me," Larreau-Bailey said.