Are uncontrolled intersections to blame for recent accidents?

Published: Jan. 4, 2017 at 7:16 PM CST
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Only minor injuries were result of a frightening crash Tuesday night in the middle of Grand Island. Crews on the scene said they weren't entirely surprised it happened.

The intersection of Ruby Avenue and 14th Street is unmarked, which means no stop signs or street lights are present. It led to the totaling of two vehicles just after 7:30 after drivers hit each other. But is the blame solely on the intersection in this case?

People living in the area where the accident occurred said unmarked intersections are tricky and unsafe, but others said that unmarked intersections are not the true cause of accidents.

One Grand Island official actually said having uncontrolled intersections may be better than having repetitive stop or yield signs. According to Public Works Director John Collins, when there are too many traffic-controlled devices, they become less significant to drivers.

"Whether it's a stop sign or yield sign or signal or whatever, people become immune to them and just start ignoring them. Also you tend to frustrate drivers and they tend to just start buzzing through 'em," said Collins.

This city of Grand Island is currently doing studies on certain traffic areas to see if changes need to be made. One of these regions is the 6th Street area between Broadwell Avenue and Eddy Street.

City officials are considering making a stop-protected corridor to help with the flow of traffic. Collins said the project may be in drivers' best interest because as cars move more efficiently, less accidents will occur.