Aurora business teams up with long care living facility to battle COVID-19

Westfield Quality Care of Aurora is starting to make steps back towards normalcy with the help...
Westfield Quality Care of Aurora is starting to make steps back towards normalcy with the help of a local business. (KSNB)
Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 9:26 PM CDT
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Everyone has been impacted by COVID-19, but some places have been hit harder than most.

Long term living facilities have not only have the most at risk of the virus, but have struggled containing it.

Westfield Quality Care of Aurora was no exception.

"We had the COVID in our building for several weeks and the staff had done a great job getting residents to recover and getting the staff recovered," Westfield Quality Care of Aurora Administrator Chris Young said.

To get closer to normal, they are getting some help from the community; Vancare Inc,.

"They're a local company just down the street from us and made it available to the staff, and ultimately made a great improvement in our facility," Young said.

Vancare is a family business that started in Aurora over 30 years ago. They are well known for producing resident lift equipment, but now electrostatic spraying and application of chemicals as well.

"This treatment and application process is some of the best and it really takes care of the residents and the caregivers," Vancare Inc,. Vice President Patrick Vanderheiden said.

Once the two got in contact, they got to work.

"It's just great helping the community. I couldn't be more excited," Vanderheiden said.

Vancare supplies the equipment and the staff at the facility does the rest, by spraying the chemicals and making necessary adjustments.

"We've been able to rearrange hallways, assign folks to different rooms and halls, so that we can start to phasing back in and opening the building back up doing one hallway at a time," Young said.

So what makes this application so special?

"The nice thing about this is it's like throwing a bunch of little magnets up into the air. They don't stack on top of each other, they actually move in beside each other and cover the whole service and actually wrap around and defy gravity literally. Go underneath the tables, inside of keys, and everything else," Vanderheiden said.

The chemicals kills the virus that is currently on the surfaces and is more accurate in doing so than wiping them down.

And that is just the first coat

"They come in with a second application and spray, and this actually gives a 30 day protectant. Once they kill, they go in and protect. Then if anybody comes in that has the cold, flu, or COVID, it kills it," Vanderheiden said. "So it's going to stop the spread of it that much better and gives it another layer of protection."

A group effort to battle the virus, keep people safe and continue to rebuild.

"Folks still need care in long term care facilities, and the sooner we can get that reestablished, disinfected, and back to normal, the sooner we can begin caring for folks who want to live here and be a part of the family," Young said.

Currently 41 of the 64 beds are filled at the facility. Westfield Quality Care of Aurora hopes to inch closer to capacity with the help of their employees and Vancare.