Aurora group raises money for human trafficking survivor shelter

Community members in Aurora came together to help Sozo Family Services raise money for a shelter to house human trafficking survivors. (KSNB)

AURORA, Neb. (KSNB) - After being rescued from being human trafficking it can be hard for survivors to trust people or feel safe. Sozo Family Services in Aurora is doing what they can to help.

They held a chili cook off at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds Saturday to put money towards building a shelter. Therapists there work with a number of survivors who are local and from around the state and they need basic necessities when they are free for the first time.

“Right now there is a shortage in Nebraska for emergency shelter like when the FBI and law enforcement would rescue women. They need some place for them to go.
other agencies came out for the chili lunch to promote their programs that also support survivors,” Director Theresa Arnett-Nickolaus said.

Other agencies came out to share what they are doing to help survivors around the state.

“It's very difficult for survivors to have people in their life that they can trust so it's very important to create that safety net and for them to have an opportunity to be surrounded by people who do care about them,” Hope for the Soul Ministries Founder Chantel Plautz said.

They say the key thing to do is accept trafficking is happening in your backyard and something needs to be done.