Be careful of Highway 6 in Adams County

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) During the early morning hours around 3 a.m. this day, a severe storm entered the Adams County Area. With It, produced Heavy Rains, up to 7” being reported, Strong Winds, and hail from Pea Size to Golf Ball Size. This storm impacted the Hastings/Adams County Area.

Highway 6 – North to County Line, and Liberty Avenue to Highway 281 is the most affected. Watch for Water to continue to flow OVER the roadways. Culverts have been undermined and have very little cover on them. The County Roads Department has set up Barricades around the area. If you approach a Barricade, please do not travel past them.

Water continues to rush across roadways in the county. TURN AROUND – DON’T DROWN!

Use Caution on all roads for debris and leaves that may make the roadway slippery, or cause an unexpected travel hazard.

During storms and power outages we urge traffic be reduced, and extra care taken for your safety. Treat all intersections without a properly functioning signal as a 4-way stop.

Practice safe procedures when moving, cutting or handling large limbs or trees.

Take pictures of any damage as soon as possible and keep them available for insurance claims.

Power outages in the area are being addressed and crews are working diligently to restore power.