Bike show raises awareness for child abuse

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - With the weather warming up just a bit, motorcyclists revved things up for a good time. The Kearney Bike Show is for everyone of all experience levels to meet people who have been riding for years.

“You know from little kids starting, or like with me starting to ride when I was four years old. It's a big community of family,” Kearney Bike Show Organizer Jeff Allen said.

Hundreds of bikers from all around the country came to show off their motorcycles, shop for leather goods, and meet up with other passionate riders.

“We have people from every background of life whether they be ditch diggers to literally brain surgeons riding motorcycles we have here set up to vend, show their motorcycles off, and just stop by and shop and say hi to each other,” Allen said.

Money raised at the show will go towards the Guardians of the Children. It is an organization that raises awareness for child abuse and helps get kids in contact with counseling services. Some of the riders at the show say they want to help even more kids in the community.

The bike show is at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds through Sunday.