Black Lives Matter protest held during Cruise Nite

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KEARNEY, Neb.-- With Black Lives Matter protests happening throughout the country, including two recently in Omaha and Lincoln, Justin Simmons said he thought central Nebraska should also take stand.

"Nebraska isn't going to stand for the systemic racism that we have in our country and in our police force. Most importantly, we want to open people's minds and show them that the Black Lives Matter Movement is mostly peaceful," said Simmons, who led Saturday's protest.

Simmons called Kearney Police earlier this week and stayed in contact throughout to make sure the protest went peacefully and was done legally. However, some were not happy to see the protest and called it an attack on police.

"These guys put their lives on the line for everyone, every day. It does not matter what your skin color is," said Jason Brandt.

Brandt said he thinks the movement creates further racial divide rather then equality.

Simmons said that's not the case.

"We can all be equal. This protest today is actually joining up with the LGBT community. We're focusing on equality for LGBT rights as well as black lives," said Simmons.

Saturday's protest also included a march around the festivities downtown.

Kearney police officers kept a close eye to make sure no one was harmed.

"We sure appreciate their cooperation because everything that's going on today with Cruise Nite and a lot of people in town. Everyone's respectful. We just hope that everyone will continue to be respectful for each out," said Captain Michael Kirkwood.

Simmons said he hopes this gets more people to the table, regardless of what side they're on, to discuss this growing issue.