Black ice to follow slushy day in the Tri-Cities

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Most of the Tri-Cities got a lot of rain Friday night and slush throughout the day Saturday. With all moisture it runs the risk of black ice forming on the road.

There will be below freezing temperatures for the next few days so the snow and ice will be sticking around.

The emergency snow routes are still in effect for Grand Island and Kearney and drivers should continue to avoid parking on those roads.

“Grand Island is known for having some areas that don't drain well and I think as the water builds up the ice is going to be very thick and deep,” Grand Island Street Superintendent Shannon Callahan said. “So pay extra attention to those areas that typically hold water after it rains because it is a good chance it will be icy in those locations.”

Callahan says they are waiting to see when they will be called out to salt. They don't want to salt before it freezes to keep it from washing away.

“I think that change is going to happen very quickly where all of the roads are icy all at once,” Callahan said. “So I think people need to be aware if you go out for an evening dinner or some evening shopping, as you come out and it starts to get dark there is a good chance the roads will be slick at that time.”

Cars driving through the streets has helped spread out some of that water but some of the roads that are less traveled will potentially have some of that slush begin to freeze.