Boy Scouts raise $25k during state fair

Ryan and Justin Hollister sell tickets to park at the Bosselman Enterprise lot adjacent to the state fair. Scouts raised more than $25,000, which'll be used for camps, outings and programs. (Source: Eric Hollister, Pack 107)

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Some Boy Scouts might be able to participate in more outings this year after a fundraiser during the state fair brought in big dollars.

Bosselman Enterprises let the scouts use their lot adjacent to the fairgrounds to sell parking spots to fairgoers.

They sold tickets for $10 a piece. After all was said and done, scouts made more than $25,000.

"That is a huge, huge blessing for us. That amount is simply astronomical," said Eric Hollister, cub master of Pack 107. "The rain is terrible for a lot of different reasons, but for this one little sliver of silver on our cloud it has been a huge boom for us."

Around 25 kids from Troop 114 and Pack 107 participated.

The money will be used for programs, camps, outings and trips the scouts do throughout the year.

An average year of scouting costs around $650, if you do everything involved.

"Scouting is outing. You gotta get out there. You've got to be outside. You've got to be doing things," said Chad Nabity, scout master for Troop 114. "So this really does help out, and make it possible for everyone to do those things without pitching in money out of their own pocket."

All the money will be split between the scouts based on how many hours they put in. Bosselman isn't receiving any of the funds.