Burglar caught after tools found in his vehicle

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HERSHEY, Neb. (KNOP) - A local burglar gets caught because of a suspicious Sutherland homeowner, a gas can, and a smart Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy.

Thursday, a homeowner saw a man take a gas can out of storage shed. After a confrontation, the man gave the gas can back, but the homeowner called the sheriff office.

A deputy found 48-year-old Brent McEntee of Ogallala and and a vehicle near the Hershey I-80 interchange. The deputy noticed all the tools in McEntee's vehicle. McEntee would not let the deputy search his vehicle, but the deputy kept digging for information. Eventually the homeowner noticed his welder was missing. The welder was in McEntee's vehicle. The deputy also found a stolen Plasma Cutter linked to another burglary.

McEntee was arrested for Burglary and Receiving Stolen Property over $1500.00. Sheriff officials say the investigation may lead to more charges.

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