Businesses re-open for first time since the flood

DANNEBROG, Neb. (KSNB) - After the flood wreaked havoc in one small town, the community is finally getting back on their feet.

Three businesses re-opened their doors in Dannebrog Thursday evening, and continued a famous traditon; pizza night.

That's because of the Dannish Baker. Tom and Carol Schroeder baked their specialty cookies and pizzas in their kitchen once again after the flood forced them to close shop for a month.

"It's nice to be back at it. It didn't look too good that first day. Didn't look too good at all," Tom Schroeder, owner of Dannish Baker, said.

Their appliances were untouched by the flood water, but their floors weren't so lucky. They had to be replaced, and the tile removed. The basement was flooded, and they had to replace the water heater.

It cost them thousands of dollars, but as many people in Dannebrog seem to say, their situation "could be worst."

"All the friends, people sent money, sent prayers, people showed up with work. Like I said, our relationship to God. We had money set aside. Might cut into our traveling funds when we want to go some place, but not much," Schroeder said.

Kelley's Sports Cafe and Dannebrog Delight also opened up on Thursday. People enjoyed the famous pizza with beer and ice cream for the first time since the flood.

Kelley's was suppose to open for the first time ever the day after the flood happened.

Those plans were obviously postponed, after their basement completely flooded and all the floors had to be replaced.

"You can't get nervous, or excited or upset about it, because you can't change it," said Kelley Emmons, owner of Kelley's Sports Cafe. "It's just one of those things you deal with. Excited to have a place to go to to sit down and enjoy food again."

Now that Howard County has been added to FEMA's individual assistance disaster list, the businesses can apply for federal aid.

Schroeder said he's not going to, because he has the costs covered. Emmons said she definitely will.

All of the food establishments are now open in town.

There's still about a dozen businesses closed in Dannebrog at this time, some of which may not open again.

Dannebrog has their own flood relief set up. For more information you can call Lori Larsen at 308-380-1153.