CCC offers extended learning courses for all interests

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - With all the attention drones have been getting across the Mid West these last few week, some people may want to start learning more about them. Central Community College is now teaching an Intro to Drones course.

The Intro to Drones Instructor brought dozens of drones into class for students to see. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)

Drones have evolved quite a bit since first being introduced many years ago. Drones can be helpful in many fields now. They are often used to take pictures or spray crops in agriculture, help police track down missing people and now even in medical emergencies as well.

"The University of Maryland did a test where they flew a kidney for transplant from one building to another," Course Instructor, Kirk Charlson told Local4 News. "What's cool about that is that it's safer, you don't need to put it in an ambulance and drive it across town. So that's being looked at."

While CCC students probably won't be using drones to transport human organs, the instructor says his goal is to teach them the basics and get them interested in learning more.

"I guess what I'd like them to know is how to fly them safely, a little bit about the regulations and to just have fun with it and learn a little more about it," Charlson said.

If technology and drones don't excite you, CCC is also offering an Introduction to Watercolor course for art lovers. Each week the instructor brings in a different landscape picture and the group learns how to paint it together.

The four week course hopes to teach beginners about the process of using watercolors and also gives them the chance to connect with other artists in the area.

"It's kind of a very self contained practice," Instructor Rachael Broadwell said. "You spend a lot of time alone and you get a little bit isolated. For me, teaching has really given me an opportunity to connect with other people who are also interested in art and want to develop their skills."

For more information on the art class, drone class or other extended learning courses that CCC has to offer you can visit their website at