CDHD starts program to help COVID-19 patients recover successfully

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Even though cases have dropped in the central district, the battle to defeat the Coronavirus is far from over. As a way to flatten the curve, the Central District Health Department created a case management program to support those infected.

With daily reports of new cases of COVID-19 in central Nebraska, the Central District Health Department expects to see a large increase of cases in the area. (KSNB)

The program started this week. Community health workers are assigned to people who test positive. They call to check-up on them to make sure they have the basics like food, shelter, safety, and medicine. The program provides resources and support to help people finish self-isolation successfully.

Teresa Anderson, Director of the CDHD said, "Through this case management we're able to help people get successfully through it with everything they need in order to stay quarantined for that time period and then also to keep other people around them safe."

Community health workers were chosen for the program because they are familiar with the area.

"Community health workers work very well within the community because they know individuals within the community, they know the resources and they know the issues," said Anderson.

As the stigma surrounding the virus leaves a lot of patients' lonely. They are happy to have the community health workers to provide social and emotional support.

Betty Frausto, a community health worker for the program said, "Even their families don't want to be in contact with them because their afraid of acquiring the virus themselves. So they've been left out. They give them a phone call once and awhile just to check up on how they're doing. "

Before the program, people without healthcare providers would sit at home without instruction. There was nobody to answer their questions or ask them how they feel. The case management program was created to fill that void.

Community health workers are not medical professionals. They only provide knowledge and support. They were trained on how to help people suffering from the Coronavirus.