CHI Health St Francis gives tours of new cancer center

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - After nearly a decade of planning and preparing and a year of construction, Grand Island's new cancer treatment center is ready to open it's doors.

The Infusion Room at the new Cancer Treatment Center is much larger than the old one and comes with heated chairs. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)

The new facility is beautiful and full of new state of the art technology.

"Our physicians and providers here had a great vision of how they wanted to provide care for the patients," CHI Health Saint Francis President Ed Hannon told Local4 News. "They sat down with the architects and engineers and put it together. It really is their cancer center."

With amenities like heated chairs in the infusion rooms, a meditation area and nearly twice the amount of space of their current facility they say they built this center to last.

"The idea was to take this center and build it for not just today, the care we provide today and the technology available today but really think about we know health care evolves," Hannon said. "There's new technology, new innovation happening all the time so the center is built with the idea of how we are going to provide care today and ten years from now."

"This is a huge thing for patients in our community," Medical Director Dr Ryan Ramaekers said. "This is a very difficult diagnosis the patients go through and a place that they can come here and feel welcome and have such a calming atmosphere is really a big deal for our part of the state."

While there's no denying this cancer center is quite the upgrade from what they had, hospital officials say it's just matching the quality of care they've always provided.

"We've always had such a quality program for Oncology," Director of Oncology Max Norvell said. "We've been recognized nationally for it, locally. We finally now have a cancer center that not only our patients deserve, but matches our quality of care."

Doctors will start seeing patients in the new facility on January 13th. They will also have another opportunity for tours and an open house on January 4th.