CHI Health St. Francis replacing surgical center

Grand Island, Neb., -(KSNB) CHI Health St. Francis Surgical Center is being demolished.

Friday hospital staff celebrated the official groundbreaking of their new center as well as celebrating the demolishing of the old building.

Th surgical rooms were built back in 1978 and staff say they were not keeping up with the type of of care they want to provide their patients.

With hard hats on and hammers in hand they said good-bye to the old and brought in the new with a ceremonial pounding of the wall.

"The equipment is going to be state of the art and that will help us give our patients better care," said R.N. Pam Glaser, CHI Health St. Francis.

"I think it is important to show the community how much we are dedicated to taking care of them," said R.N. Randy Scott, Director of Surgical Services, CHI Health St. Francis.

The new surgical facility will be bigger in size and offer the latest in technology.

"Currently we have only one room that we can do neurosurgery in, these rooms are going to be able to do any case in any room, having the latest state of the art equipment when it comes to humidity, lights, cameras, all of that stuff that technology is going to provide to us," continued Scott.

Hospital staff say they are looking to better serve people now as well as planning for the future.

"I know that one of the rooms will be set up for robotics, we don't have that capability right now, a lot of the other hospitals in the area do so we are looking forward to that," adds Glaser.

The new surgical center will be more than 37,000 square feet. Construction is under way and staff say they are excited for the future, each having an area they are especially excited about.

"Bigger better rooms, more privacy, I have a soft spot for the kids so I am excited to see what we are going to do for the kids rooms," said R.N. Kellee Schwieger, CHI Health St. Francis.

The new building should be completed in 2021.