Candidate Paul Theobald to make a stop in Scottsbluff Saturday

Published: Oct. 27, 2018 at 9:43 AM CDT
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Third District Congressman Candidate Paul Theobald to make a stop in Scottsbluff Saturday to talk to the people.

Theobald will be at the El Charrito in Scottsbluff at 5p to meet with the individuals of the area and talk about his triangular plan.

It’s a plan based on agriculture, health care and education. He believes if each of these three subjects are worked on and maintained it will create a rural community vitalization.

Theobald spoke to NBC Nebraska over the phone and said at this time he feels it’s a gloomy time for the residents of the third district. He spoke candidly about corporations taking a hold of policies and mentioned if government officials were to reign in those companies it could be a better situation for all.

He spoke about the drying up of low interest rate loans geared toward helping start-up businesses.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I am on the road where I am confronted by a life-long Republican farmer who says he’s changing his vote to me,” said Theobald. “The reason is the trade policy.”

Theobald believes the current trade war has taken those export countries off the table from trading agriculture for years.

“Once you give away markets, they don’t come back over night.”

Theobald also spoke about ethanol and how corn makes up 40% of the state’s agricultural economy. He went on to state the ethanol manufacturing is running at half its capacity.

It’s no secret the third district is losing businesses and people are leaving and for Theobald he wants to change that.

He says with him, he will fight for the people’s interest.

When speaking about health care, he said he believes the acceptance for medicare should be lowered to the age of 55 and believes it works efficiently already for those above the age of 65. But, he mentioned the cost of health insurance overall needs to be driven down.

“The only way we are going to get control of healthcare is to join the rest of the world and have a medicare for all system that will bring down the prices of health care in this country and put money back into the pockets of Nebraskans.”

Theobald says the one caveat to this would be paying higher taxes but premiums would go down.

As for education, Theobald believes the funding needs to come elsewhere.

“No other producers in any other state have the property tax burden that ours do,” explains Theobald.

He believes there is a right to have federal intervention and create new conversation on finding different ways to fund education.

Theobald adds he wants an ag policy that will stabilize its producers, if not grow it. He also wants a health care system that takes the profit motive out of it and an education policy that hopefully dramatically reduce the dependency of property tax to fund public education.

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