Carbon monoxide forces Taco Bell closed

Published: Dec. 3, 2018 at 8:29 PM CST
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Taco bell is closed tonight due to unsafe carbon monoxide levels. They will remain closed until a faulty hood vent in the kitchen is repaired and inspected.

When Scottsbluff Fire Department arrived at the location which had already begun to air out the building, carbon monoxide levels read at 80 parts per million.

Most carbon monoxide detectors go off at 50. The fire department did not hear any alarms when they entered the building, which had been partially aired out at the time of their arrival.

Officials say that carbon monoxide levels at 50 parts per million or higher are indicative of a buildup. Levels that high aren’t naturally seen outside of a mechanic’s shop, officials say.

The department then cleared the building, aired it out, and pinpointed the problem: The kitchen hood vent isn't functioning properly, causing carbon monoxide buildup.

Taco bell will remain closed until the vent is repaired and inspected by a city code enforcer.

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