Central Nebraska Humane Society overflowing with cats

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The Central Nebraska Humane Society is overflowing with cats an dogs as our weather continues to get colder and wetter. They are currently waiving adoption fees for cats that are over six months old.

Employees at the shelter say many people don't know to check their shelter when their animal goes missing. They wait 72 hours for someone to claim their animal before putting them up for adoption.

“We're really full on dogs as well it's just we are contracted with the city to take in any strays so the strays all come here when animal control picks them up,” Adoption Specialist Cristina Moreno, “And then you would think people would come in and look for their dogs and pick them up but they normally don't.”

There are still microchip fees that come with adopting a cat right now but it only costs $15.