City Council members vote to demolish Osborne Dr. viaduct at 16th St.

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 10:56 PM CST
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Hastings City Council members voted 6 - 2 Monday night to tear down the Osborne Drive viaduct due to safety issues.

"I think the bridge needs to be fixed and replaced. It is a valuable route for those of us that live on the east side," said Kim Roth, Hastings Resident.

The decision to demolish the bridge is a decision some of those living near there are not happy about. There were 4 options on the table. Option 1 was to tear down the bridge and not build a new one.

"I'm an option 2, we need to take the time and look at other options. There has to be some new things we can do to reconstruct that concrete. I am not an expert but I think we should take a second look at what we can do to keep that viaduct," said Kathleen Nelson, Hastings Resident.

It was a full house at Monday night's meeting. About a dozen people pleaded with city officials for them to repair the bridge, they all had two minutes each to plead their case.

"Traffic is going to grow on the north side and we are going to have to have another way to get there," adds Nelson.

Some of the factors they considered are, is spending millions of dollars worth it to repair the bridge as they may have to raise taxes and the bridge does not bring in any additional revenue to the city.

"It is not a critical piece of the long term plans for the city of Hastings, we can't look at this as an isolated issue. I understand their passion but as time changes we have to evolve," said Paul Hemelink, City Council Member.

The bridge is currently crumbling and poses a danger so they are hoping to get started on demolishing it soon.

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