City council members give themselves deadline to decide on Osborne Dr. viaduct

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:11 PM CST
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A tough decision is in the hands of the Hastings City Council, what to do with the Osborne Drive viaduct. They have four options but none of them are ideal as they're expected to cost the city millions.

Council members have given themselves til money, December 9 to pick one of the four options. The safety issues of the bridge has them all concerned and wanting to act quickly. The city has budget constraints they have to work around but they do not want to leave the problem in the hands of the next administration.

"In the condition the bridge is in right now, it is an immediate danger to the public. We call it an imminent threat and in my opinion it is something that needs to be addressed immediately or even sooner," said Jay Bleier, Olsson Engineering.

The hard part is deciding which option is best and finding the money to do it with.

"I definitely feel like something needs to be done, we want people to be safe so something needs to be done but we need to be conscious of our tax payers dollars," said Resident, Erika Knott.

The mayor says making sure taxpayers don't wind up footing the bill is a top concern. One out of town council member, so concerned about the situation, left a letter. It stated that she does not support pouring millions of dollars into fixing the bridge. Instead she would like to see more use out of the Elm Street Overpass.

The options range from temporary solution of tearing down the bridge completely at $1.5 Million or building a new one for $6 Million.

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