Coach Frost visits hometown for first time in decades

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 10:24 PM CDT
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A frost was in the air in Wood River Tuesday.

The lines were long and the spirits high as people were excited about their hometown hero, Coach Scott Frost, returning home for the first time in decades.

"He's probably the second best football player to come out of Wood River, besides myself, (laughs) he's a great guy, he's done a lot and represented this state and community really well and I can't think of a guy who deserves praise more," said Jack Gangwish, former Husker player.

It was a tail gate inside a barn, so as I call it a "barngate." It brought out not only former players but fans and long time friends, with memories to share.

"He came back from the second half, had a touchdown, had an interception, basically just has the team on his shoulders," said high school friend and former teammate, Mark Codner,

It was the hottest ticket in town, with live music and auctions to bid on great prizes. The "barngate" was actually a fundraiser for the Stick Creek Kids Early Childhood Development Center.

"We are looking to build a place for kids to grow, and thrive," said Elizabeth Troyer-Miller, Stick Creek Kids Leadership Team Member.

Coach Frost took the time to hang with friends and eat some barbecue before the event.

"There are people here I haven't seen in almost 20 years. It is funny how it feels just like yesterday. I spent a lot of time here and there are a lot of people here who are important to me, getting reunited with some of them is pretty special"

Before the event, Frost took a trip down memory lane and visited his former high school.

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