Community recognizes and supports staff at Memorial Community Health

AURORA, Neb. (KSNB) - Health care workers are being pushed to the limit, as they lay it all on the line to protect the people in their communities.

Curb Cards Aurora display their signs in front of the Memorial Community Health Center to support the center's staff.

One community is making sure that work isn't going unnoticed.

For a little over a year now, Loree Moss and Pam Emahizer have ran a business called Curb Card Aurora. Where they rent out signs and display them in yards for birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

"You just can't help but smile if you see a curb card. That's our slogan and we really truly follow that," said Emahizer.

And right now those curb cards are meaning even more.

"They're a lot of fun to do anytime, but right now especially because they are bringing so much joy to people," said Moss.

"Especially at this time where kids are not getting to have their birthday parties," said Emahizer.

The virus has kept them busy, but not as busy as health care workers. Who are taking this virus head on. Which sparked the idea to put up signs in front of the Memorial Community Health Center, to recognize those heroes.

"It's something that we could do, and we just wanted them to know how much we appreciate them," said Moss. "Everybody who goes by will stop and think 'Oh yeah, these people are sacrificing for us.'"

The staff members couldn't have been more appreciative.

""Remember that all of them are the first line of defense. So doing something recognizable like this that does the social distancing. That gives that admiration that touch on the shoulder without having to touch them," said Memorial Community Health CEO Diane Keller. "It really meant a lot to the staff. It was a way to reach out when we feel like the social distancing is really keeping us apart, to know that we're all in this fight together."

Keller says other local businesses and anonymous donors have donated food and N-95 masks for the staff to help the fight.

"It means so much to know that the community is behind us, as we work hard to try to make sure we are doing absolutely the best we can to protect the community," said Keller.

Sometimes it's just the little things in life that we need the most.

"Just a small touch of kindness that means so much to everyone," said Keller.

If you are interested in getting Curb Cards to decorate your yard for an upcoming event, check out their Facebook page.