Community gives deceased Korean War veteran with no family proper funeral

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 5:53 PM CST
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People in Gage County are searching for family members of Richard Giddings after it found he had no recorded family members before his funeral Monday.

The Gage County community found out Giddings died last Tuesday and decided to make proper funeral arrangements for him.

In a funeral that could've had no one show up, hundreds came to honor the veteran.

Nebraska Buddy Check member Nick Werman said, "I personally didn't know anything other than he was an Army veteran and needed support at the time of his burial. We weren't going to let him be alone at the time of his burial."

Werman served in the military from 1999-2003 in the Army. He and several others in Nebraska Buddy Check did not know him, but still felt they needed to honor Giddings.

IW of Nebraska Leadership team member Shawna Hinchman said, " "It was very hard to hold back the tears today," as she described everyone who came out to support Giddings.

Werman said it's not always about knowing a person, but just supporting a fellow veteran.

"Seeing people come together of all ages in support of a fellow brother, it makes you feel good. It lets you know that the bonds are still there and that people still care," he said.

Gage County members tells anyone who is related to him to know he is buried at the Evergreen Home cemetery.

Roper and Sons Funeral Home provided the service Monday.

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