Competitors prepare for State High School Finals Rodeo

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Brooke Becker grew up in a family whose passion is rodeo.

Like her older sister, she has competed ever since she can remember.

"My sister moved to Colorado but before she moved to Colorado she was competing against me. We became a lot closer. It wasn't bragging rights, but since we were sisters it was tougher competition," said Brooke Becker, a junior at Adams Central High School.

Brooke says having siblings who also compete has its perks.

"She taught me more tricks to team roping and breakaway. These are actually her horses....she has pushed me and she's always in the box with me," said Becker.

The junior will be taking part in the breakaway roping and barrel racing events.

Since this is the finals and not just your typical meet, there's more at stake.

"It makes it extremely competitive. It's like any varsity sport in high school. By the time you get to the state championship it's the best of the best," said Nate Allen, a co-chair for the State High School Rodeo.

To prepare, Brooke has already gone for a couple laps around the track and roped some.

Taking care of her animal is also key.

"A lot of people just feed them and go to the practice pen, but my dad will wrap their legs, put boots on them to make them not sore and give them medicine," said Becker.

The State High School Finals Rodeo will kick off Thursday at 10 a.m. and will go through this Saturday.