Condos, commercial space among additions coming to downtown Hastings

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Just this week the Hastings City Council approved the next steps for high-end condos to be put in to one of the vacant spaces on Second Street downtown.

Hastings will soon see now condos and commercial space in downtown. (KSNB)

“So I've lived downtown for 16 years. I was one of the first ones down here and it's right next door,” Developer Jeb Brant said. “So I share a hallway with it and nobody has touched it since probably the 70’s on the second floor and I'm going to guess the 40's on the third floor.”

On the street level there will be a commercial space. Brant said the that space is being looked at by a business in town looking to expand. The details on who it is can not be released at this time.

One unique thing is that these condos will have underground parking. Residents will enter from the alley between First and Second Street. Brant said he already has people interested in the condos so he isn't concerned about selling them off.

The project will cost $1 million for the shell of the building and then about another $1.5 million for the interior renovations.

“Any building you redo downtown is a huge benefit to the community,” Brant said. “It increases better tax revenue, it increases more traffic flow. Anything I can do to promote downtown I try to do and that's why most of my investing is downtown.”

On the other side of that alley as part of a separate project, the parking lot is to be repaved, given new curbs, and have some plants added to spruce it up.

“I believe they are setting that up to have water available to it as well and power so if anybody wants to do an event the parking lot can actually be closed down and bands or food trucks or whatever types of activities could take place. So they're trying to plan ahead for that,” Community Redevelopment Authority Director Randy Chick said.

There is no start date for that project but the contract stipulated that it must be completed by mid-April.

“I think they have 51 working days to complete that project so whenever it starts there is a two month period of construction and that total project cost is about $250,000 with all the reconstruction of the lot, landscaping, lighting, and all the things that will go along with that,” Chick said.

There is not a start date for the condo construction yet and the CRA will be selling the property to Brant in the coming weeks.