Council members give green light to talk to property owners regarding buying land next to road on 42nd St.

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The first step in the paving of 42nd St. in Hastings has been approved.

The Hastings City Council Tuesday took a first step toward paving 42nd street between Highway 281 and Baltimore Ave. (SOURCE: KSNB)

At the Tuesday night city council meeting, a motion was passed that gives city officials permission to negotiate with landowners that own property around 42nd street.

The road under discussion is on 42nd street starting a fourth of a mile west of Highway 281, continuing west to Baltimore Ave., near Walmart.

The road is unfinished but it it has been getting more and more use lately. The land next to the road is undeveloped land and agricultural real estate but it is privately owned, so the city needed permission to discuss buying the property from them.

"I think there are four or five property owners. They are rather large parcels out in that area so it is just a handful," said City Attorney, Clint Schukei.

The motion passed six to zero. If no agreement can be reached, the city can look into eminent domain laws.