Couple, volunteers clean up after wall collapses in basement

DANNEBROG, Neb. (KSNB) - The cleanup is far from over after the historic flood, as a couple in Dannebrog picks up the pieces of their home.

Glenn and Linda Mulbach live near a creek. Their sewer system stopped working during the heavy rains, and their basement was filled with several feet of water.

They lost all their appliances in the flood, but even worst, have to repair structural damage.

"I was laying in bed, heard a big old crash. I thought something had fallen on the shed across the alley there. I didn't see anything and went back to bed," Linda Mulbach said.

That sound was their wall caving in. It happened the day after the flood.

The Mulbach's said they were worried about how they would clean up the mess, but volunteers and neighbors saved the day.

They were at the house Tuesday afternoon to help clear out the mud and fallen bricks in the basement.

Workers scooped the debris into buckets and carried it out of the house into a long ditch.

"It's overwhelming that people would come to little Dannebrog to help us. We've had them as far away as North Platte and Ogallala," Glen Mulbach said.

Their contractor told them they also have to replace their sewer and water lines.

Experts with Thrasher in Grand Island said if you had water in your basement, you could have similar problems.

"There's a couple places you can check," said Dustin Mcatee, branch manager at Thrasher. "One would be on the center of a wall. There might be a crack going horizontally. There might be some cracks going vertically. Another place to check would be down toward the bottom of the wall. You might notice some separation between the floor and the wall."

Mcatee said if you have these issues, you should have an expert check your house out.

You can call them at 800-827-0702.

As for the Mulbach's, they said their insurance didn't cover as much of the damage as they hoped.

They said they're applying for all the grants they can to help cover the cost of damages.

Dannebrog does have their own flood relief set up.

If you'd like to donate, you can call Lori Larsen at 308-380-1153.